Mt. Carmel High School Art Department

Mrs. Erika Kieffer,



Art Appreciation

Creative Art- Comprehensive
Creative Art - Drawing /Painting
Creative Art - Printmaking/Graphics

Creative Art - Sculpture
Creative Art - Ceramics/Pottery

Art Portfolio
Visual Arts - Independent Study
Fine Art - Aide

Art Appreciation (1 Credit/1 Year, 9-12th Grade)
This course explores the place and significance of art in our society. It helps the students form an aesthetic framework through which they can judge and critique the work of various artists, artistic movements, and cultures.

Photography (½ Credit/1 Semester, 10-12th Grade)
This course exposes students to the materials, processes, and techniques of taking artistic photographs.  Students learn about the operation of a camera, composition, lighting techniques, depth of field, filters, camera angles, and editing.  Students will learn basic concepts using their cell phone cameras.  Having a smart phone with a working camera and above-average technology skills is required to take this course.  This course also covers major photographers, art movements, and styles.


Creative Art - Comprehensive (1 Creidt/1 Year, 10-12th Grade)
This course provides students with the knowledge and opportunity to explore art forms and to create individual works of art.  This course also provides a discussion and exploration of career opportunities in the art world.

Creative Art - Drawing/Painting (½ Credit/1 Semester, Fall Only 11-12th Grade)
This course focuses on drawing and painting.  In keeping with this attention on two-dimensional work, students work with several media such as pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, marker, pastel, watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylics, and oils.

Creative Art - Printmaking/Graphics (½ Credit/1 Semester, Spring Only 11-12th Grade)
This course focuses on design principles, printmaking, and graphic design. This course will introduce students to a variety of printmaking techniques using processes such as relief printing (monoprint, collagraph block); intaglio (etching and engraving); and serigraphy (silkscreen films, stencils, block-out).  The graphic design portion of the course will emphasize design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and texts to communicate a message.  Students will focus on creating art projects such as advertisements, product designs, and identity symbols while they investigate the computer’s influence on and role in creating contemporary designs.


Crafts (½ Credit/1 Semester, 1 Credit/Year, 10-12th Grade)
This course teaches the same lessons as the Creative Art-Comprehensive course but does so with a focus on Applied Arts.  Students will work in several types of crafts.  Possibilities include but are not limited to:  calligraphy, silk-screening, batik, tole-painting, macrame, and paper quilling.  Must pass this course to enroll in other Creative Art courses.

Creative Art - Sculpture (½ Credit/1 Semester, Fall Only, 11-12th Grade)
This course focuses on creating three-dimensional works.  In keeping with this attention on three-dimensional work, students work with several media such as clay, ceramics, wood, metals, textiles, and paper.

Creative Art - Ceramics/Pottery (½ Credit/1 Semester, Spring Only, 11-12th Grade)
This course focuses on creating three-dimensional works out of clay and ceramic material. Particular attention is paid to the characteristics of the raw materials, their transformation under heat, and the various methods used to create and finish objects. Students in this class will work on the pottery wheels.


Art Portfolio (½ Credit/1 Semester, Fall Only, 12th Grade)
This course offers students the opportunity to create a professional body of work that reflects their personal style and talent.  Students are often encouraged to display their work publicly.  Students are required to attend portfolio days during the semester to receive feedback from colleges they are interested in applying for admission.  Students interested in attending an art technical school or majoring in art in college should take this course.

Visual Arts - Independent Study (½ Credit/1 Semester, 1 Credit/1 Year, 12th Grade)
Independent Study courses enable students to explore a particular art form or topic providing them the opportunity to expand their expertise in a particular form or style, explore a topic in greater detail, or develop more advanced skills.

Fine Art - Aide (½ Credit/1 Semester, 1 Credit/1 Year, 12th Grade)
This course offers students the opportunity to assist the instructor in preparing, organizing, or delivering course curricula.  Students may provide tutorial or instructional assistance to other students.


Yearbook (1 Credit/1 Year, 10-12th Grade)

In this cross-curricular, project-based class, students work collaboratively by using all of their academic skills in a real-world context.  Writing, design, business, technology and communication combine for a uniquely beneficial class that yields the skills necessary for success in college and beyond.  Students will creatively tell the story of the school community in an engaging way. In this college and career-ready course, students think critically to meet deadlines, track goals and utilize multimedia to market and disseminate information that aligns with and models an actual business. An application and interview process is utilized when choosing a yearbook staff member.