Mt. Carmel High School Business

Mr. Mike Mandrell,
Mrs. Brianna Witsman,

Mt. Carmel High School Business program is committed to educating each student to help reach his or her full potential in order to inspire individual and collaborative success in all business endeavors within a diverse and technological learning atmosphere.

Computer Applications
Advanced Computer Applications
Business Concepts
Personal Finance
Adobe Illustrator 
Adobe Photoshop
Business Communications 
Business Communications II 
Computer Operations & Programming
C.E.O. (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities)

Computer Applications (½ Credit/1 Semester, 9th-12th Grade)
This class teaches basic keyboarding techniques as well as introduces basic computer terminology and applications. Networking skills will be introduced as well as spreadsheet, database, and presentation software applications. 

Advanced Computer Applications (½ Credit/1 Semester, 9th-12th Grade)
This course is a progression from Computer Applications. Topics include computers and their capabilities, file management, computer equipment, software, and careers in technology. The educational, social, and vocational aspects and impact of computers will be discussed. Applications of computers will be emphasized by utilizing Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as Google Suite.

Business Concepts (½ Credit/1 Semester, 9th-12th Grade)
This orientation level course will provide an overview of all aspects of business including the concepts, functions, and skills required for meeting the challenges of operating a business in a global economy. Topics covered will include the various forms of business ownership, as well as the basic functional areas of finance, marketing, administration, and production.  This class will have hands-on training using computer simulations and other materials to prepare the student for workplace skills. 

Accounting (1 credit/1 Year, 10th-12th Grade)
Accounting 1 is a skill level course that is a value to all students who are pursuing a vocation in accounting or need a strong business background for related fields such as management, marketing, or Finance. This course will include exercises in recording Financial transactions, payroll, inventory, and preparation of financial statements to be used by management and tax purposes.

Personal Finance (½ Credit/1 Semester, 10th-12th Grade)
This course develops the understanding of skills used to maintain a budget and accurate records in both personal and professional life. The study of the stock market and investments will be stressed as well as life skills to function in the everyday world. Banking, online marketing, and record-keeping will be used to demonstrate how the business world uses these disciplines. Personal financial management will be stressed, as well as financial planning, handling of money, and simple office practices dealing with money. 

Adobe Illustrator (½ Credit/1 Semester, 10th-12th Grade)
This course offering will use the software program Adobe Illustrator to create and edit vector-based illustrations such as logos and trademarks or other design elements.

Adobe Photoshop (½ Credit/1 Semester, 10th-12th Grade)
This course will use the software program Adobe Photoshop to create and edit photos and pixel-based artwork. These images will be used to produce logos and designs for websites.

Business Communications (1 Credit/1 Year, 11th & 12th Grade)
This course is designed as a progressive approach to graphic design. Tools for use in communication and graphic design are introduced early in the course including InDesign, Photoshop, Word, Excel, HTML coding, Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc. Video production is also a focus with the use of Adobe Premium. Business Partnerships are fostered through the local business community where teamwork, networking, and internet skills are covered.

Business Communications II (1 Credit/1 Year, 12th Grade)
This course is designed to further develop skills in communication and graphic design. Business Partnerships are fostered through the local business community where teamwork, networking, and internet skills are covered.

Computer Operations and Programming (½ Credit/1 Semester, 11th-12th Grade)
This course is a computer science course for students who have never programmed before. Students work in teams to create simple apps for mobile devices using MIT App Inventor. Students explore the impact of computing in society and the applications of computing across career paths and build skills and awareness in digital citizenship and cybersecurity. Students model, simulate and analyze data about themselves and their interests. They also transfer the understanding of programming gained in App Inventor to learn introductory elements of text-based programming in Python to create strategy games.

C.E.O. (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities)  (1 Credit/1 Year, 10th-12th Grade)

1 year-long experience designed to utilize partnerships that provide an overview of business development and processes/  The local business community partners with area schools to create project-based experiences for participants by providing funding, expertise, meeting space, business tours, and one-on-one mentoring.  Participants visit area businesses, learn from guest speakers, participate in group business, write business plans, and start and operate their own individual businesses.  Business concepts learned through the experiential CEO program are critical; the 21-century skills of problem-solving, teamwork, self-motivation, responsibility, higher-order thinking, communication, and inquiry are at the heart of participant development throughout the experience.  CEO will meet for 90 minutes at a variety of businesses, starting around 7:15 or 7:30 a.m., (actual start time may vary to accommodate drive time and class schedules). 


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