A newly formed Chess Club has emerged at Mt. Carmel High School. It is open to all high school students. The club took form on December 3, 2019. About thirteen participants meet in Mr. Glover’s classroom during advisory and after school. Normal chess boards, 3-D chess, Viking chess, as well as checkers, are played. Chess Club member, Lucas Ingram, says, “As of now, it is just for fun; however if we are able to find an opportunity for competition, we might try to go to one. Anyone can join.”

In addition to socialization and just plain fun, the game of Chess has been linked to many mental health benefits such as logical thinking, improving memory, increasing imagination, and enhancing creativity. Chess also disciplines concentration and patience. Playing chess can improve a player’s math and science skills as well as encourage logical thinking. Chess Club is a welcomed addition to Mt. Carmel High School. 

Chess Club at MCHS