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Kim Mandrell, Music/Chorus/Band Director,

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The MCHS Band is a performance-based course that is designed to continue the development of the technical proficiency of the student on his or her chosen instrument. Students must be accomplished instrumental players in order to participate as deemed so by the director. The student will be challenged by advanced high school literature. Concerts are a requirement of the course and failure to attend will result in a failing grade for the quarter. Members of the MCHS Band also participate in the following ensembles: MCHS Marching Aces and Aces Pep Band. Marching band rehearsals are held both after school and evenings during marching season in addition to one week of Band Camp each summer, which is a requirement of the course. Color Guard members enroll in band 1st semester only during marching band season.

Presenting the 2023-2024 Season


Marching ACES 23-24

Drum Majors: Macy Mandrell & Wyatt Alka
Kimberly Mandrell, Director
Ambre Norrick- Color Guard Instructor
Jonathon Leach- Drum Line Instructor
Ellen Wall- Sideline Percussion Instructor

Flute: Riyah Hall, Megan Hagerty, Lana Heinrich, Mackenzie Hipsher, Ash Miskell

Clarinet: Kyndall Boze, Ailee Seals, Jaylynn Bigel

Alto Sax: Emma Etheridge, Natalie Roberts, Jordan Miller, Aiden Morrison

Baritone: Makenzie Sloter

Tenor Sax: Gabe Cirunay

Trumpet: Elysa Carwile, Tempi Gawthorp, Lilly Majors, Brianna McCoy, Ethan Sellers, Gage Wright, Phoebe Malone, Macy Mandrell

Trombone: Karly Mandrell, Deandra Fisher

Tuba/Sousaphone: Lathan Beal, Ryan Groah

Drum Line: Noah Alka, Karson Ash, Jacob Cirunay, Matthias Garrison, Jayla Griggs, Jackson James, Chandler Kleinschmidt

Sideline“Pit”Percussion: Jaden Heinrich, Levi Folsom-Margelin, Aiden McBroom, Aydan Boze

Color Guard: Alexa Norrick, Holly Doerr, Makenzie Kays, Rylee Kays, Makenzie Gourley, Gretchen Noll, Jersey Smith, Ava Giese, Faith LaVarier, Taylor Lindner, Ivy Feury

Presenting the 2022-2023 Season

Across the Univers

Marching ACES 22-23

Drum Majors: Chase Dowdy & Wyatt Alka
Kimberly Mandrell, Director
Ambre Norrick- Color Guard Instructor
Jonathon Leach- Drum Line Instructor
Ellen Wall- Sideline Percussion Instructor

Flutes: Molly Rafferty*, Riyah Hall, Megan Hagerty, Ash Miskell

Clarinets: Tori Madlem*, Tesa Bailey, Kyndall Boze, Ailee Seals, Evie Tice

Alto Saxes: Natalie Roberts, Jordan Miller, Emma Etheridge

Tenor Saxes: Gabe Cirunay, Mercides Gill

Mellophones: Macy Mandrell*, Mackenzie Sloter

Trumpets: Tempi Gawthorp*, Aaron Curtis, Ethan Sellers, Brianna McCoy

Trombones: Elijah Sherman*, Karly Mandrell, Jullian Faulkner

Tubas: Jacob Wall*, Lathan Beal

Drum Line: James Martin*, Jayla Griggs, Chandler Kleinschmidt, Ally Bobbitt, Jackson James, Noah Alka, Nathaniel Garrison

Sideline“Pit”Percussion: Anthony Bleyer*, Jaden Heinrich*, Alex Ewald, Levi Folsom-Margelin, Aiden McBroom, Evan Roberts, Karson Ash

Color Guard: Alexa Norrick*, Holly Doerr, Makenzie Kays, Rylee Kays, Makenzie Gourley, Gretchen Noll, Jersey Smith

*Section Leader

Senior Band Kids with trophies from the season

Presenting the 2021-2022 Season

Kaleidoscope 2021 2022 Marching Aces Season

Marching ACES 21-22

DRUM MAJORS:  Timothy Rosignol, Chase Dowdy

SECTION LEADERS:  Molly Rafferty (Flute), Tori Madlem (Clarinet), Jason Miller (Clarinet), Wyatt Alka (Alto Saxophone), Cooper Anderson (Trumpet), Hannah Shular (Bari Saxophone), Elijah Sherman (Trombone), Jaco Wall (Tuba), James Martin (Tenor Drum), Ally Bobbitt (Bass Drum), Elizabeth Kasinger (Pit), Halie Peach (Pit Percussion), Ashlyn Peach (Color Guard)

FLUTES: Molly Rafferty, Megan Hagerty, Lexie Schmittler, Riyah Hall, Ash Miskell, Haley Deisher

TROMBONES:  Elijah Sherman, Lathan Beal, Jullian Faulkner


ALTO SAXOPHONES:  Wyatt Alka, Natalie Roberts, Jordan Miller, Katelynn Stevenson


BARITONES:  Macy Mandrell


TUBAS:  Jacob Wall

CLARINETS:  Tori Madlem, Kyndall Boze, Tesa Bailey, Jason Miller, Rhiannon Anderson, Evie Tice

TRUMPETS:  Cooper Anderson, Jonathon Bader, Temperance Gawthorp, Ethan Sellers, Aaron Curtis

DRUMLINE:  Jonathon Leach (Drumline Instructor), Jayla Griggs, James Martin, Noah Alka, Ally Bobbitt, Nathaniel Garrison, Lane Toothman

PIT PERCUSSION:  Ellen Wall (Instructor), Elizabeth Kasinger, Halie Peach, Audrey Baker, Emmalee Bertram, Anthony Bleyer, Jaden Heinrich, Levi Folsom-Margelin, James Alex Ewald

COLOR GUARD:  Ambre Norrick (COACH), Ashlyn Peach, Holly Doerr, Janea Mack, Kelsey Miller, Alexa Norrick, Abigail Plassman, Brooke Shelby, Breanna Slunder, Chloey Wheeler

Presenting the 2020-2021 Season



DRUM MAJORS:  Riley Allen, Elijah Gill, Timothy Rosignol

SECTION LEADERS:  Maggee Bleyer (Pit), Cooper Anderson (Trumpets), Adrianna Brown (Baritones), Riley Allen (Drum Major/Clarinets/Flutes), Alexandria Archer (Clarinets, Flutes), Hannah Shular (Baritone Saxophones), Lily Foshee (Drum Line), Addy Pierce (Color Guard), Harley Curtis (Alto Saxophones), Chase Dowdy (Mellophones), Eli Sherman (Trombones), Elijah Gill (Tenor Saxophone), Jaco Wall (Tubas).

FLUTES: Haley Deisher, Margaret Harness, Adeline May, Molly Rafferty, Lexie Schmittler.

TROMBONES: Eli Sherman (Section Leader), Timothy Rosignol, Wyatt Bader.


ALTO SAXOPHONES: Harley Curtis (Section Leader), Sylvia Miller, Katelynn Stevenson.

BARITONE SAXOPHONES: Hannah Shular (Section Leader), Wyatt Alka.

BARITONES: Adrianna Brown (Section Leader), Abby Plassman, Macy Mandrell.

MELLOPHONES: Chase Dowdy (Section Leader), Brady Kolb.

TUBAS: Jacob Wall (Section Leader), Jayden Pettyjohn.

CLARINETS: Riley Allen (Section Leader), Alexandria Peach (Section Leader), Rhiannon Anderson, Tori Madlem, Tesa Bailey, Mercedes Gill,  Holly Lofton, Jason Miller.

TRUMPETS: Cooper Anderson (Section Leader), Jonathon Bader, Christopher May, Gabe Henson, Kamden Pritchett, Aaron Curtis, Dayton LaVarier.

DRUMLINE: Lily Foshee (Section Leader/Snare Drum), Ally Bobbitt (Bass Drum), Nathaniel Garrison (Bass Drum), James Martin (Tenor Drums), Emmalee Bertram (Cymbals), Noah Alka (Bass Drum).

PIT: Maggee Bleyer (Section Leader/Synthesizer/Mallets), Anthony Bleyer (Bass Guitar/Aux), Elizabeth Kasinger (Mallets), Halie Peach (Mallets/Aux), Audrey Baker (Mallets).

COACH:  Ambre Norrick
COLOR GUARD: Addy Pierce (Section Leader), Alexzandria Hicks, Chloe Martin, Ashlyn Peach, JayLynn Seal, Breanna Slunder, Janea Mack.


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Seniors Band

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Presenting the 2019/2020 Season:

Outside the Bachs.


Photo of the MARCHING ACES band.