Mr. Clint Phillips,

The Metal Manufacturing program of study prepares students to enter the high-demand areas of manual and CNC machining. 

Students are involved in all aspects of the machining process, from blueprint reading and interpretation, precision measuring, through material removal.

After completion of the program, students will have the skills to machine parts from a blueprint within ±.005” as well as developed basic welding skills.

Industrial Technology
Introduction to Metal Manufacturing
Metal Manufacturing I
Metal Manufacturing II
Blueprint Reading
CAD Design & Software
Metal Technology
Practical Welding
Industrial Electricity
Computer-Aided Drafting
Manufacturing Materials & Processes

Industrial Technology - ½ credit/1 Semester, 9th grade

This course is designed to introduce students to General shop safety, basic hand tools used in manufacturing and machining, and common machines found in a machine shop or manufacturing facility. 

Introduction to Metal Manufacturing - ½ credit/1 Semester, 10th-12th Grade, pre-requisite: Industrial Technology

The introduction to Metals course is a course designed to introduce students to basic metals and metal working. Topics to be covered include: Basic Lab Safety, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Conventional Mill, and Conventional Lathe. Each student will construct or fabricate various projects along a series of competency-based activities to develop competencies and skills in the use of hand and machine tools. 

Metal Manufacturing I - 1 credit/1 Semester, 11th grade preferred, pre-requisite: Introduction to Metal Manufacturing, and Blueprint Reading (can be taken along with)

This course covers basic machining on lathes, mills and grinders. It is designed to aid the students and becoming familiar with the basic fundamentals of machine tool technology. The importance of shop safety, teamwork, and good attendance are stressed. 

Metal Manufacturing II - 1 credit/1 Year, 12th grade preferred, pre-requisite: Metal Manufacturing I

This program for seniors who have chosen metal trades as a vocation. Machine tool operations and related skills are taught. Competencies for this course include:  construction of projects in specifications of drawing prints; accomplishment of all the areas of study covered in Metals I. In addition, the student will produce projects utilizing CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines.

Blueprint Reading - ½ credit/1 Semester, 11th-12th grade

This course provides students with the knowledge and ability to interpret the lines, symbols, and conventions of drafted blueprints. They generally emphasize interpreting, not producing, blueprints, although the courses may provide both types of experiences. Blueprint Reading courses typically use examples from a wide variety of industrial and technological applications. (Offered to anyone regardless of whether they are taking metals courses)

CAD Design & Software - ½ credit/1Semester, 11th-12th grade (2nd Semester) Prerequisite: Blueprint Reading

CAD Design and Software courses introduce students to the computer-aided drafting systems available in the industry.  (offered to anyone regardless of whether they are taking metals courses)

Metal Technology - 2 credits/2 Periods, 11th-12th Grades (Meets at Wabash Valley College Annex)

WEL 1201 Practical Welding: Monday & Wednesday; 8:00-9:50
MAN 1211 Industrial Electricity: Tuesday & Thursday; 8:00-9:50

Course Descriptions:
WEL 1201 Practical Welding:
  This course is designed to provide students instruction in specialized welding. Individual projects are designed and completed. Welding safety is stressed. 
MAN 1211 Industrial Electricity:  This course provides instruction in industrial electricity including atomic structure, metric system, electrical qualities, series circuits, parallel circuits, combination circuits, simple control devices, and control relays. Emphasis is placed on applying classroom Theory to lab reality and basic troubleshooting of electrical circuits is taught. 

CAD 1210 Computer-Aided Drafting I:  Monday & Wednesday; 8:00-9:50
MAN 1204 Manufacturing Material & Processes: Tuesday & Thursday; 8:00-9:50

Course Descriptions:
CAD 1210 Computer Aided Drafting I:
  An introduction to the use of microcomputers for the design of industrial blueprints of intermediate complexity. Sketching, lettering, orthographic projections, descriptive geometry, point, line, basic geometric shapes will be covered. The student will demonstrate the use of menus, layers, fonts, and weights. Basic dimensioning, tolerancing, and pictorial drawings will be covered. The student will be expected to draw a blueprint with simple dimensions, labels, and notes using different layers. 
MAN 1204 Manufacturing Materials & Processes:  This course introduces the student to various types of industrial materials, their properties and how the materials themselves are manufactured. Materials will include:  ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, powder metallurgy, composites, plastics, ceramics and other materials as technology progresses.  Further study will be given to the manufacturing processes that use these materials to create products and goods.  Major areas of concentration in manufacturing processes include: casting, molding, forging, machine processes, welding/joinin processes and other techniques related to modern manufacturing.

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