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Industrial Technology (½ credit/1 Semester, 9th Grade)

This course is designed to introduce students to general shop safety, basic hand tools used in manufacturing and machining, and common machines found in a machine shop or manufacturing facility.

Introduction to Woods (½ credit/1 Semester, 10th Grade) pre-requisite: Industrial Tech

This course is designed to introduce students to basic wood and woodworking.  Topics to be covered include:  Working with Wood, Basic Tool and Operations, Hand Tools, Joinery and Assembly, and Use of Wood Working Machines.  Each student will construct or fabricate various projects along a series of competency-based activities to develop competencies in the use of hand and machine tools used in woodworking.

Woods I (1 credit/1 Year, 11th grade) pre-requisite: Introduction to Woods

The Wood Manufacturing I student will have the opportunity to gain some knowledge and basic skills that will enable him to become useful to themselves and to others.  Students will have the opportunity to discover their vocational abilities as well as their limitations so that future vocational selection will be wise and purposeful. Students will learn to identify and know basic tree sawing techniques used by the lumber dealers. They will be able to figure board feet, square feet and have some knowledge of how to purchase lumber materials. Identifying and knowing the use of all hand woodworking tools available to them in our shop will be covered. They will know the main working parts of and be able to use safely the scroll saw, bandsaw, drill press, radial arm saw, hand saw, hand drill, table saws, jointer, surface planer, router, sanders, electric hand drills, and have limited knowledge of various wood construction joints and how and when to use them in construction of a project.

During the second semester of this course, the student will have the opportunity to gain additional wood manufacturing knowledge. The student, having completed the first-semester orientation class of woodworking, will now be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills of woodworking. A brief review of machines and their safe use, the student will be required to turn in a plan of procedure as to how he will construct a more detailed wood manufacturing project. All projects must be approved by the instructor before starting.

Woods II (2 credits/2 periods/1 Year, 12th grade) pre-requisite: Woods I

Having completed Wood Manufacturing I, the student will now be given the opportunity to expand his/her knowledge and skills in the field of wood manufacturing. A more advanced study of furniture construction techniques and related problems, now await the advanced student. They will be required to work more independently and work out solutions to problems encountered on their own. Also, a mass-produced project will be constructed to simulate manufacturing methods and cooperative education. All projects must be approved by the instructor before starting.

Construction - (1 Credit/Year, 11th Grade)

This course provides experiences related to the erection, installation, and maintenance of residential buildings and related fixtures.  Activities will allow students to become knowledgeable of fundamental principles and methods and to develop technical skills related to masonry, carpentry, and finish work.  Course work will include safety principles and practices, recognition of standard lumber sizes, foundation layout methods, local, state, and national codes, cost estimation, and blueprint reading.