AYDEN OLIVER - The 7th-grade team has chosen Ayden Oliver as the February Student of the Month. Ayden is a wonderful and bright student. He participates in class discussions and adds thoughtful insight to any topic. He is respectful and helpful to teachers and classmates. Ayden also has a kind personality and a good sense of humor. Congratulations Ayden! You are a pleasure to have in class!

GABI PEACH - The Encore team has chosen Gabi Peach as the February Student of the Month. Gabi is a student who is conscious about her own grades, but also always eager to help others who need it. She is a breath of fresh air with her positive energy and compassionate nature. Keep up the great work Gabi!

ZOEY JOHNSON - The 8th-grade team would like to nominate Zoey Johnson for February Student of the Month. Zoey has really come out of her shell this year and is always willing to participate in class discussions. We are all so proud of the progress she has made! 


BRODIE EADS - The 8th-grade Team would like to recognize Brodie Eads for his efforts and contributions to the school environment at MCJHS. Brodie shows respect for faculty and staff in his polite responses when spoken to and the use of good manners. He is always courteous. Brodie acts responsibly in class. He works independently to solve problems and asks for clarification when necessary. He always follows the school rules. Brodie participates well in class discussions and shows curiosity by asking questions that lead to further class involvement and understanding. He is just the kind of student who teachers enjoy having in their class. Good job, Brodie! We are sure you have a bright future at MCHS!

KENDRA GUYER - The 7th-grade team nominates Kendra Guyer as our January Student of the Month.  She is a positive influence on her peers, and her enthusiasm is inspiring. She shows a wonderful work ethic in all of her classes. Congratulations Kendra!

KACI JOHNSON - The Encore team nominates Kaci Johnson as our January Student of the Month. Kaci is a student who stays focused during class and always does her best. She asks questions when necessary, but is never disruptive during class. She is always kind to other students. Congratulations Kaci, keep up the great work!


GRETA HOCKING - The 8th-grade team has chosen Greta Hocking to be the December Student of the Month. Greta adds a positive nature to every class she is a member of. Greta has a quiet demeanor, but when she participates in class and interacts with her peers she is always polite and kind. Greta is very artistic and her choice for her Science Fair project, "How does color palette affect the perception of an image?" reflected it. Greta also does her best to comprehend and complete all classwork correctly. Congratulations, Greta! We appreciate you!

JOHNATHAN WILLINGHAM - The 7th-grade team nominates Johnathan Willingham as the December Student of the Month. Johnathan is a hard worker who asks good and thoughtful questions to enhance his learning. He is also kind and patient in his interactions with teachers and peers. Johnathan is a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations!

ISAIAH KASINGER - Encore has chosen Isaiah Kasinger as the December Student of the Month. Isaiah is a kind-hearted student who thinks about others in and out of the classroom. He is always pleasant to be around. During class, he stays focused and does his best on each assignment. Congratulations Isaiah!


ANDREW GILLIHAN - The 8th-grade team would like to recognize Andrew Gillihan and his contributions to our school environment. Andrew follows all of the basic behavior expectations that enhance the classroom, like following directions, being engaged in his learning, attending school daily, using his time wisely, and organizing and completing assignments. These attributes demonstrate responsibility and his excellent grades are a reflection. His social skills are to be commended, as well. Andrew is courteous and respectful. He looks at you in the eye when being addressed and smiles often. Most importantly, Andrew treats others with kindness. His kindness and patience with students who struggle academically and socially have earned him this nomination. So, Thank you Andrew! And please know the 8th-grade team appreciates what you add to our school!

ASHER KIGHT - Encore has chosen Asher Kight as our Encore Student of the Month. Asher is a student who consistently uses his class time wisely and is willing to lend a helping hand to others when needed. He is friendly toward all students and respectful to teachers. His positive attitude at school is greatly appreciated and noticed. Keep up the great work Asher!

MEGAN HAGERTY - The 7th-grade team would like to nominate Megan Hagerty for the November Student of the Month. Megan is a hard-working and conscientious student in all of her classes. She's kind and polite in her interactions with teachers and other students. Megan is a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations Megan!


LANE TOOTHMAN - The 7th-grade team has chosen Lane Toothman as the October Student of the Month. Lane has an inquisitive mind and asks great questions. He always works diligently and is a great student. He's a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations Lane!

IVY GIFFIN - Encore has chosen Ivy Giffin as the October Student of the Month. Ivy is a girl who always has a smile on her face and can make you smile even on a rough day. She shows enthusiasm for school and the people around her. She is always trying to do the right thing and encourages others to do the same. Keep up the great work Ivy!

AARON CURTIS - The 8th-grade team has selected Aaron Curtis as the October Student of the Month. Aaron is a very hard-working student. He also is very considerate of others and willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Aaron sets a great example for other students to follow. Great job, Aaron! Keep up the good work!!!


MACY MANDRELL - The 8th-grade team nominates Macy Mandrell. Macy treats her peers with kindness, concern and respect. We are impressed with the choices she makes and how she conducts herself on a daily basis. Her motivation to do well in school and in the projects and assignments is a model for the other students to follow! Way to go, Macy! Keep up the great work!

AVA TURNER - The 7th-grade team nominates Ava Turner for the September Student of the Month. Ava is a very attentive student who strives to learn and do her best every day. She is also kind and polite in her interactions with teachers and other students. Congratulations to Ava!

MADDIE CARLISLE - Encore team nominates Maddie Carlisle for the September Student of the Month. Maddie is thoughtful and friendly to both students and staff. She works diligently to provide her best work on every assignment. We are excited to see the goals she will reach this school year!