Wabash #348, IL app tutorial

Download the Wabash #348 app for quick access to Dining Menus, Events, Staff Directory, and Notifications

Tutor.com is a great resource for Mt. Carmel Jr/Sr High students.

Go to www.tutor.com/isacgu and use your first initial and your last name and the day of your birth (jdoe3) as your login and ILGUtutoring as your password. For those with the same login information, use the first two letters of your first name. This is a great resource for one to one help.

Flipgrid tutorial for students
Mobile Learning to the Rescue 2019 — Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent
Seesaw tutorial for students and parents

Malabon Families: Accessing Student and Community Resources – Bethel School  District

How to email a teacher for students
As we are interacting more and more with written words through online learning, it is important to understand the basics of email etiquette. Please look at the attachment and linked video to show crucial steps in writing a professional email to your teachers. This is a lifelong skill that you will utilize in your future careers as well.


Scores and Schedules on the APP

Quick Tip tutorial on how to access and use the Scores and Schedules on the Wabash 348, IL App

Chromebook Troubleshooting
LPS Teaching & Learning with Technology | Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips
If you are ever experiencing trouble with your Chromebook and you tried everything to try to get it to work, the first thing you should do is to hold the power button down for at least 20 seconds (19 won't work). This is to turn off your device and do a quick reset. After you hold the power button down, turn it back on and see if the problem persists. If that doesn't work, email me (if possible) to see if there is something else you need to try before bringing it up to the office.
Wabash County CUSD #348
WiFi Community Outreach Program

Wifi clipart, Wifi Transparent FREE for download on WebStockReview 2020
Wabash County CUSD #348 has developed the following program to assist the community and our students that are struggling with WiFi connectivity. This program utilizes the capabilities of the District by establishing WiFi Cafes, computer lab accessibility, transportation opportunities, onsite WiFi at the school buildings, and offsite WiFi hotspots distributed throughout the county. This program will begin on August 24th, 2020.
WiFi Cafes: The WiFi Cafes will be established in the Mt. Carmel Grade and High Schools. These ‘cafes’ will have accommodations for up to forty students at a time. Students may select from a morning option (9 am - 11 am) or the afternoon option (12 pm - 2 pm). The Cafes are opportunities for students in grades 3-12. Students that attend the Cafes will have to bring their own school-issued or personal computing devices and any other school work materials. While at the Cafes, the students will be required to follow all student handbook requirements and any other additional building requirements. Students will enter the Jr/Sr. High School at the main entrance, and students will enter the Grade School at the gym entrance. Additionally, students will be required to have a temperature check, wear a face covering, and practice social distancing. The Cafes will also provide snacks and water along with lunch.

For WiFi Cafes located at Mount Carmel Jr./Sr.High School and Mount Carmel Grade School please contact Aaron Croft by email: acroft@wabash348.com or Phone: (618) 262-5104.
Transportation: For those students that need transportation to the Cafes, the District will offer bus transportation to and from the Cafes. Buses will be available for both AM and PM sections. All bus riders will have their temperature checked by the bus driver, and all bus transportation policies will be enforced. If you need bus transportation, you will need to call 618-262-8539 between the hours of 9 am - 2 pm Monday through Friday to make arrangements.
WiFi Onsite: WiFi has been made available to students at all three school locations in the district.
    MCES - Main Parking Lot

    MCGS - School Bus Parking Lot

    MCJHS/MCHS - Back Parking Lot by Main Gym

    Allendale School - Allendale - Front Parking Lot (pswd - allendale) Offsite Hotspots: Offsite WiFi for students will be available starting Monday, August 24, 2020 at select locations throughout Wabash County by utilizing a mobile hotspot called Kajeet. Kajeet is not as powerful as school WiFi, but will still allow functionality for our students. The Kajeet will only be available during school hours for school purposes.
    WiFI Hotspots can be identified by looking for the logo at each of the following locations throughout Wabash County.
      Gospel Kingdom Church - Mt. Carmel (South West)

      Roads Church - Mt. Carmel (South)

      Evangelical United Methodist - Mt. Carmel (Northeast)

      Lancaster Christian Church - Lancaster

      Faith Assembly - Patton

      Belmont United Methodist - Belmont

      Lick Prairie Christian Church - Belmont (North)

      Keensburg Christian Church - KeensburgThe WiFi password for these devices is currently set as “smartbus”, but may periodically change and can be obtained by contacting the school or by emailing ksmith@wabash348.com, akiser@wabash348.com, or sholt@wabash348.com
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