Aces Pump

Wabash CUSD #348 is enthusiastic to announce that we have received our first quarter donation from the Mt. Carmel Fastbreak Convenience Store ACES Pump #10.  ACES Pump #10 is a dedicated pump to benefit directly high school and junior high school students.  Fastbreak donates 3 cents of every dollar of gas pumped by customers.  This quarter the pump provided a denotation of $902.39.  The high school social worker, Amy Powers, and the junior high school social worker, Sarah Morris, will use these funds to help students that are in need of basic necessities and emergency items.  Wabash CUSD #348 would like to thank Brad Andrews and Ryan Murrell of Fastbreak for their sincere generosity and willingness to make a positive impact on the students of Aces Nation as well as our community supporters.

Pictured: Sarah Morris, MCJHS Social Worker, Amy Powers, MCHS Social Worker, and Dr. Chuck Bleyer, WCUSD#348 Superintendent