Dental Safari


Dental Safari is a mobile dentistry unit that is based out of Southern Illinois. They provide dental services to students who do not have access to a dentist or a dental home. Wabash Community School District #348 has teamed up with Dental Safari to provide dental services to those students who do not have access to dental services. Dental Safari will provide a dental exam, dental cleaning, and dental sealants. All Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 6th grade, and 9th-grade students are required to have a dental exam completed prior to the end of the school year, so if you lack access to a dentist this opportunity may be just for you. If you would like for your child to participate in this service please scan the barcode on the flyer and complete the form. If you have any questions please feel free to call 618-262-5104. Thank you! Stephanie Kolb RN, BSN, PEL-CSN.