8th grader Ava Giese,  performing her solo at contest

Mount Carmel Solo & Ensemble Contest Results

Mt. Carmel 5th-8th Grade Students participated in their own solo & ensemble contest on Saturday, March 12, 2022, at the Mt. Carmel Grade School. 47 entries worked many hours to prepare pieces for the contest.

Receiving a “First Superior” rating on their ensemble was The Varsity show choir made up of Tessa Dewitt Ava Giese, Ryan Groah, Mackenzie Hipsher, Lilly Majors, Tucker Martin, Zeke Noll, Miley Peach, Maycee Randall, Gage Wright.

Receiving a “First Superior” rating, which is a perfect score on a Class A, B, or C solo was Eli Baker (class C vocal solo), Annelise Garrison (class C vocal solo), Aiden McBroom (class, C mallet solo) Justice Toothman (class C vocal solo) and Gage Wright (class C vocal solo).

Receiving a Division I (first) rating was Lani Bailey (class C vocal solo), Anna Hall (class C vocal solo), Taylor Dudley (class C vocal solo), Violet Miller (class C vocal solo), Ailee Seals (class A vocal solo), Ava Giese (class A vocal solo), Lilly Majors (class B vocal solo), Miranda Kennard (class C vocal solo), Tessa Dewitt (class B vocal solo), Karly Mandrell (class B trombone solo), Xander Bader (class C trumpet solo), Reece Macer (class E baritone solo), Jackson James (class C snare drum solo), Aiden McBroom (class C snare drum solo), Zane Wilcox (class C trumpet solo), Bryleigh Swatsley (class E trumpet solo), Justice Toothman (class E trombone solo), Greyson Roberts (class E trombone solo), Wyatt Rooney (class C trombone solo), Josie James (class E trumpet solo), Gage Wright (class C trumpet solo), Eli Baker (class C trumpet solo), Cameron Smith (class D trumpet solo), Kelsey Burton (class E clarinet solo), Madilyn Dawson (class E clarinet solo), Annie Kanipe (class E clarinet solo), Zeke Kasinger (class E alto sax solo), Jaylynn Biegel (class C clarinet solo), Brynlee Hammel (class E flute solo), Annelise Garrison (class D clarinet solo), Mackenzie Hipsher (class C flute solo), Emma Etheridge (class B flute solo), Aydan Boze (class E snare drum solo), Piper Wilson (class E snare drum solo), Lucy Hall (class E alto sax solo) and Zoie Randall (class D trumpet solo).

Other participants included Sakura Miller, Anna Hall, Lyndsey DeLong and Chandler Kleinschmidt.

Receiving the honor of “Best of the Day” for each of the 3 judges were Aiden McBroom for his mallet solo, Emma Etheridge for her flute solo and The Varsity show choir. 

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work!

Judges for the day were Cori Copeland, Jennifer Gawthorp & Chris Jansen.  Ellen Wall is the 5-8 band & choir instructor.